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BPC-157 Capsules

BPC-157 Capsules – This Peptide has been used in the management of bone and joint pain and is now available in capsule form for oral consumption. 60 Capsules per pot. 200mcg of BPC-157 peptide per capsule.


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BPC-157 Capsules

BPC-157 is a peptide that has the potential to dramatically increase healing and recovery times when compared to currently available prescription medications.

The peptide can help heal many types of wounds in animals, like muscle and tendon damage and broken ligaments, because it can speed up the healing process.

BPC 157, has also been shown to protect organs and help prevent gastric ulcers, which can be very painful. BPC 157 fights leaky gut, IBS, cramps in the intestines, and Crohn’s disease by simultaneously working in the digestive tract. In addition, this peptide has been shown to be able to help relieve pain.

There is a lot of evidence that it can speed up the healing process of skin burns by increasing blood flow to the areas that need it. In wound healing, BPC157 significantly speeds up the formation of reticulin and collagen and angiogenesis and the infiltration of macrophages and fibroblasts. So this could be a promising treatment for wounds.


Molecular Formula: C62H98N16O22
Sequence: H-Gly-Glu-Pro-Pro-Pro-Gly-Lys-Pro-Ala-Asp-Asp-Ala-Gly-Leu-Val-OH
Molecular Weight: 1419.5 g/mol
Physical Appearance: White Lyophilised Solid

Oral capsules do not need refrigeration and can be stored in a cool, dry location. Storage and handling increase the product’s viability and the likelihood that it will provide the expected benefits to the muscle, bone, and overall health.

What are BPC-157 peptide capsules?

BPC-157 is a peptide derived from digestive juice proteins and is frequently referred to as a “stable gastric pentadecapeptide” due to its stability in human gastric juice.

BPC-157 peptide consists of 15 amino acids and is known as a penta-decapeptide. It is a part of the body protection compound (BPC) found and isolated from human gastric juice. The synthesised peptide BPC-157 possesses various therapeutic properties and is particularly beneficial for the gut. 

What is the most frequently used application of peptide BPC-157?

Not only does BPC-157 capsules prevent stomach ulcers, but it also acts as a highly potent catalyst in the healing of (IBS) inflammatory bowel syndrome.

Peptide BPC-157 reduced swelling and inflammation, not only on the exterior. In addition, it can treat skin burns, increase blood flow, and stimulate collagen production on the ligament and hamstring levels.

Individuals who have:

  • Sprains of the muscles
  • Tears in muscle
  • Ligament injury
  • Inflammation
  • Additional forms of muscle injury

This peptide speeds up the recovery process from injury, reduces inflammation, and helps protect the heart. Along with these miraculous healing powers, BPC-157 has several additional life-altering benefits.

What are the added benefits of BPC-157?

While experts emphasise the benefits of BPC-157 capsules for gut healing and recovery, there are numerous other advantages, including improved:

  • Cognition of the brain
  • Serotonin synthesis
  • Cardiovascular protection
  • Relief from urinary incontinence
  • Production of hormones inside the hypothalamus/pituitary gland
  • These natural healing properties are a few ways that BPC-157 can make you better your overall health and wellness daily.

BPC-157 is administered in the following manner:

There are two primary routes of administration for peptide BPC-157:

BPC-157 Capsules:

The oral type of BPC-157 capsules is recommended for patients suffering from stomach and intestinal problems.

The oral bioavailability and stability of Arginate BPC-157 capsules have been significantly increased. As an added benefit, our Bpc-157 capsules won’t upset your stomach. If taken after a meal, some research suggests that it improves absorption.

Anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties are two of BPC-157 Arginate Salt’s key selling points. In addition, long-term storage and UV light exposure do not affect the stability of BPC-157 arginate in human gastric juice.

It has a higher oral bioavailability than other forms (greater than 90 per cent). Furthermore, studies show just 5 per cent degradation after five hours in stomach acid compared to 98 per cent for standard BPC 157.

This compound, BPC-157 capsules arginate, has been shown in animal studies to improve healing in inflammatory bowel diseases such as ulcers and colitis and IBS.

Injection: Inflammation, muscular sprains, torn ligaments, and pain management are best treated with BPC-157 injections.

Injections and capsules must be administered on an empty belly and separated by at least three hours when more than one dose is required per day.

When Can I Expect to See Results?

The effects of BPC-157 capsules vary from person to person but are frequently noticeable shortly after one potency cycle starts. Typically, potency cycles last between six and twelve weeks, and relatively high dosages often result in near-immediate muscle development.

Certain benefits may be noticeable within a few days, while others may take two weeks at least to manifest. The speed with which results are obtained varies by individual.

While numerous protocols and treatments are available, the pretty standard dosage range is between 200 and 1,000 mcg. Always take a bio-individual approach based on your own needs.

Are there any known adverse effects of BPC-157?

Headaches, Dizziness and Nausea.

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