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BPC-157 Pre-Mixed Pen 5mg

BPC-157 pre-mixed pen 5mg is a synthesized part of human body protection compound (BPC) containing  15 amino acids, BPC is a protein found naturally in the human digestive tract.

Pen Kit & Pre-Mixed Cartridge contains:

1 x Pre-Mixed Cartridge (The cartridge is pre mixed with the peptide vial of your choice and Bacteriostatic Water)
1 x Peptide Cartridge Pen
3 x Pen Needle Tips
1 x Pen Carry Case

Please note: Single 1, 2 & 3 Pre-mixed Cartridges do not come with a Pen Kit


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BPC-157 Pre-Mixed Pen 5mg

There are many benefits that the BPC-157 pre-mixed peptide pen has to offer researchers who want to administer peptides consistently, accurately, and conveniently. First of all, the PharmaLabGlobal peptide pens are pre-programmed with the precise peptide measurement, removing the need for manual measurement or mixing and lowering the possibility of error while guaranteeing accurate dosing each and every time. This ease of use is especially helpful for researchers who need a simple way to obtain their findings.

Pre-mixed peptide pens are also discrete and portable, making administration simple and discrete. This portability makes it easier for subjects to adhere to treatment and study regimens because they can easily carry their pens and give their peptides without interfering with their regular activities. Furthermore, the design of pre-mixed pens frequently incorporates accessible and user-friendly elements like clear dosage indicators and adjustable dosing mechanisms.

The BPC-157 Pre-mixed Peptide Pen may be easily refilled with pre-mixed cartridges, which also come in a trio option that offers a discount over buying each cartridge separately.

What is BPC-157?

BPC-157 peptide, short for Body Protective Compound-157, is a synthetic peptide derived from a protein found in the stomach of humans. This peptide has gained attention for its remarkable healing properties and tissue repair capabilities. BPC-157 works by promoting angiogenesis, the formation of new blood vessels, which is crucial for delivering nutrients and oxygen to damaged tissues, aiding in the healing process.

Additionally, it exhibits anti-inflammatory effects, reducing swelling and pain associated with injuries. BPC-157 holds promise for future therapeutic applications for its potential to enhance muscle and tendon repair, improve joint health, and alleviate gastrointestinal issues.

Buy BPC-157 Pre-Mixed Pen 5mg

Pharma Lab Global is one of the best locations to purchase high purity BPC-157 Pre-Mixed Pen for research purposes. Pharma Lab Global is a trusted source of peptides and sarms worldwide. Discover the science behind BPC-157 peptide and the full range of BPC-157 products here. Buy from Pharma Lab Global today!


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1 Single mixed cartridge, 2 Pre mixed cartridges, 3 Pre mixed cartridges, Pen kit with 1 pre mixed cartridge