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Epithalon Peptide Vial

According to studies, epithalon peptide (or Epi-peptide) has a long and successful history in the health and wellness market. It is now used in more advanced scientific studies, particularly anti-aging research.



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Epithalon Peptide Vial

Epithalon is a synthetic form of epithalamin that may act as a telomerase (DNA strand) regulator. Epithalon appears to increase telomere lengthening and hence slow ageing.

It affects metabolism, enhances hypothalamic sensitivity, stabilises anterior pituitary function, and modulates melatonin levels in the body, according to animal research.

In the nucleus of cells, epitalon peptide is composed of double-stranded DNA. Telomeres are the ends of DNA strands. They are in charge of mitigating genetic information loss due to cell separation-induced chromosome shortening. When a cell divides, replication stops and telomeres shorten.

Numerous studies have linked this shortening to age-related diseases such as cardiovascular disease and even mice mortality.


Molecular Formula: C14H22N4O9
Sequence: H-Ala-Glu-Asp-Gly-OH
Physical Appearance: White Lyophilised Solid
Form: Sterile Filtered White Lyophilized
Solubility: Water Soluble

Size: 10mg | 100mg



According to one study, the short peptide epitalon promotes thymic lymphocyte proliferation. This is crucial because decreased lymphocyte interferon-gamma expression is linked to diminishing immune function in the elderly. Epitalon is hypothesised to increase lymphocyte interferon-gamma production, hence improving immune function in the elderly [1].

In rats, combining epithalon and melatonin was reported to slow premature aging. Russian researchers studied oestrogen cycles in young, mature, and old female rats subjected to light pollution (e.g., little darkness, which is generally required for melatonin generation). They were able to overcome negative environmental effects by combining epitalon and melatonin.

Light pollution, as previously stated, has been related to an elevated risk of cancer in the urban human environment [2].

Khavinson revealed that biopeptides improved physiological function and cut mortality in mice in half after 15 years of clinical study.

He also shown that epitalon biopeptide DNA interactions could influence genetic activity and lengthen lifespan.

Researchers discovered that starting at three months of age, treating mice Epitalon enhanced their lifespan compared to giving them a placebo. Furthermore, epithalon treatment decreased the frequency of chromosomal abnormalities in bone marrow cells. Finally, Epitalon inhibited the development of leukaemia in mice. Overall, the findings of the study indicate that this peptide has powerful anti-aging activities and is safe for long-term use. [3].

Several animal studies indicate that taking Epitalon has the following side effects:

  • Cortisol and melatonin secretion were controlled in an elderly monkey.
  • The reproductive systems of rats were safeguarded and repaired.
  • In retinitis pigmentosa, the retinal structure is intact.
  • The growth of rat colon tumours was inhibited.

Sleep quality

A light-related circadian rhythm is demonstrated by sleeping at night and waking up throughout the day. Furthermore, as melatonin release declines, animals lose their circadian cycles.

In one study, epitalon dramatically increased melatonin synthesis in 14 aged mice. They adapted their cycle to match that of young mice.

Another study demonstrated that epitalon increased melatonin release in the evening and restored the biological rhythm in elderly monkeys [4].

Epithalon appears to significantly improve sleep by targeting these genes, which influence sleep patterns. In addition, animal studies suggest that taking Epitalon may improve overall sleep quality.

Skin regeneration

Whilst anti-aging creams promise to increase collagen formation, but they do not penetrate the skin as well as Epithalon. Instead, Epitalon enters cells and promotes the formation of fibroblasts, which produce proteins such as collagen [5]. This can promote optimal skin regeneration.

Epithalon peptide helps with ageing in a variety of ways. It can protect against infection, sickness, and injury. With ageing, skin becomes brittle and prone to rips. Topically administered Epitalon can help relieve discomfort.


While many Epitalon studies are exciting and show various favourable outcomes, the majority of the research has been conducted on animals. Overall, the Epitalon anti-aging outcomes are promising. In animal studies, Epitalon has been found to increase longevity and promote youth. Based on animal research, it may also be a viable future cancer preventive.


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