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Kisspeptin Peptide Vial

Kisspeptin functions to regulate reproduction-related hormone release. The peptide can affect testosterone levels and sex-related characteristics such as motivation and drive. According to research, it may also help lessen some of the signs of ageing.


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Kisspeptin Peptide Vial

Kisspeptin vial 5mg is a prevalent one on the market today. This one contains all-natural ingredients. It has been shown in studies to works very well in treating acne.


This is not a medication that you should be taking lightly because it can be a great skincare product. It has been scientifically proven that it does work and has been used for years in the skincare industry. It contains many different vitamins and minerals, which help it to work in improving the health of your skin. One of the main reasons that it works so well is that it has an ingredient called Kisspeptin. This is a unique combination of proteins and enzymes that are very effective at killing acne-causing bacteria.

What happens when you are trying to get rid of acne is that there are more dead skin cells than live ones. This means that bacteria have nowhere to live and will start to die off. Kisspeptin is what kills off all of the bacteria and helps to kill off all of the dead skin cells. It will help to rejuvenate your skin and help to keep it healthy and strong. It works as an anti-ageing cream because it will help to make the skin look younger and have a more youthful glow. All of these things combined can make a big difference for you when you use this product on your skin.


Molecular Formula: C258H401N79O78
Molecular Weight: 5857 g/mol

Size: 5mg



This peptide has been shown to alter LH and FDH levels, thereby altering testosterone levels. On the other hand, kisspeptin 10 has no effect on testosterone in female mice.

Six male mice were given Kisspeptin intravenously in a clinical study. The study showed this peptide to be an effective testosterone booster in just 90 minutes [1].

In another study, the peptide increased serum LH levels, which increased testosterone levels in healthy male mice [2].


The hormone kisspeptin, as previously established, is shown to be a successful infertility treatment. This peptide has a substantial effect on infertility, according to research. Moreover, it may even be safer for mice undergoing in vitro fertilization than using chorionic gonadotropin to stimulate oocyte maturation.

Before beginning IVF treatment, none of the mice given kisspeptin-10 developed ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, according to studies (OHSS). This is excellent news, considering that just 3-6 per cent of mice treated with HCG develop the illness.


Because of the strong connection between reproduction and emotion, the kisspeptin peptide hormone has the capacity to influence mood and behaviour.

This peptide was given to 29 male mice, whereas a placebo was given to the second group of animals. Individuals that took kisspeptin-10 reported improved mood, increased motivation, and increased limbic brain activity. On the other hand, the control group did not show any improvement in their symptoms.

In this study, kisspeptin was found to have an effect on both sexual and emotional brain functions in mice, as well as their general behaviour [3].


Scientists discovered more than two decades ago that the protein was capable of suppressing malignant skin cancer by 95 per cent [4]. This is owing to the peptide’s capacity to inhibit the migration of cancerous cells. This peptide could potentially act as a cell adhesion inhibitor, preventing cancer cells from invading other tissues [5]. The research appears to be fruitful.

According to screening results, kisspeptin levels in several metastatic cancer types have been found to increase in ovarian, breast, skin, bladder, prostate, gastrointestinal (GI), and thyroid malignancies. This is direct evidence that kisspeptin has the ability to prevent cancer from spreading [6].


As shown in studies on mice, Kisspeptin is a peptide that influences testosterone levels and emotional behaviour. It may also affect the growth and spread of cancerous cells. Ongoing research into kisspeptin-10’s role in the mouse body. This gene has many potential benefits, so it needs to be studied further before becoming an OTC treatment.

Kisspeptin-10 is already a proven life-saving peptide in research. First, however, researchers must examine the peptides safety and possible side effects in greater detail.


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