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Rad- 150 is the evolution of RAD-140. Rad150 has demonstrated advantages such as speed, stamina, efficiency during training, and increases muscle gains in shorter periods. 

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RAD-150, also known as TLB-150, has been used by athletes and is critical for physical, muscular, endurance and body performance. It is a perfect addition to the heavy training phases that will consistently advance and optimally and unimpededly rebuild the body. 

Rad-150 has similar effects to Testosterone. Although rad150 does not affect the body negatively, the effect of Rad150 on muscle growth was close to that of utilizing high doses of Testosterone. Rad-150 is very similar in its benefits to testosterone steroids, but you will not experience any adverse side effects such as hair loss and harmful effects on internal organs.

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Capsules: 60 per bottle, Liquid Droppers: 30ml

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