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Thymalin is a synthetic form of the protein Thymulin, which regulates inflammation and pain. Research suggests that thymalin could boost the immune system, fight cardiovascular disease, and control the sleep-wake cycle.


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Thymalin Vial 20mg

Thymalin is a synthetic form of the protein Thymulin, which regulates inflammation and pain. Research suggests that thymalin could boost the immune system, fight cardiovascular disease, and control the sleep-wake cycle. In the field of ageing research, it is also of interest due to its capacity to reduce all-cause mortality in animal models and increase lifespan.


Molecular Formula: C33H54N12O15
Sequence: H-Pyr-Ala-Lys-Ser-Gln-Gly-Gly-Ser-Asn-OH
Molecular Weight: 858.9 g/mol
Physical Appearance: White Lyophilised Solid
Solubility: Water Soluble

Size: 20mg | 100mg


Extending life

In Russian studies, Thymalin peptide 20mg normalized various baseline physiologic processes in aged people. The study found that older persons’ cardiovascular, immunological, and neurological systems improved. They also have a more youthful metabolism and a tendency toward homeostasis.

Research found significant reductions in ARD, ischemic heart disease, osteoporosis, hypertension, and arthritic symptoms. In addition, during the experiment, Thymalin users saw a decrease in mortality [1].

When paired with Epithalmin, Thymalin appears synergistic, decreasing the mortality rate by up to fourfold [2]. It is no wonder, given the pineal gland and thymus role in ageing. A healthy pineal gland can prevent the thymus from ageing [3].

Immune system

Extensive studies have been conducted into what effects Thymalin can have on the immune system. According to research findings, the peptide modifies cell immunity via shifting lymphocyte subpopulations and natural killer cell activity [4].

Many chronic illnesses produce immune system abnormalities, making mice prone to infection and even cancer.

To test this, Thymalin vial 20mg was given to diabetic retinopathy mouse models. Reducing inflammation and limiting disease progression encourages immunological correction and T-lymphocyte proliferation [5].

Studies are also being undertaken to identify if Thymalin could have potential as a HIV vaccine. Thymalin has been shown to improve T-cell response to vaccinations and protect against HIV infection. Further rat studies support this notion [6].

The treatment of this peptide reverses the consequences of reduced cell proliferation in rats with their thyroid glands removed. It can even stop them from happening. This results in a robust immune system, less infection, and better health [7].

Atherosclerosis and heart disease

Preventing heart disease is easier than treating it. Cardiovascular disease can only be treated successfully with a strict diet and a lot of effort. In rabbits, the peptide prevents and treats heart disease. It lowers lipid levels and affects lymphocytes that remove arterial plaque.

Thymalin normalises T-cell suppressor activity and sensitivity to the things that cause atherosclerosis, reducing or eliminating immune dysfunction that leads to plaque formation [8].

The peptide fixes the problem that makes the immune system ineffective against heart disease.


Clinical studies show that combining standard psoriasis treatments with Thymalin improves symptoms. Psoriasis is a skin and joint inflammatory disease.

According to studies, Thymalin may be used as a complementary treatment to help relieve symptoms. This means it may soon be an OTC psoriasis treatment [9].


More study is needed. So far, the research looks promising for easing these symptoms.

New research suggests that the peptide may help mice with inflammatory kidney disease.

In one study, this peptide inhibited kidney function in mice. In addition, they improved immunological factors that may cause kidney damage [10].


Thymalin may be a beneficial adjunct to pulsed laser therapy in treating cancer in mice. Neodymium lasers effectively treat malignant and precancerous skin diseases, such as Melanoma  [11]. In addition, the approach prevents the spread of cancer.

Thymalin, which stimulates antibody-producing cells in the spleen, may enhance pulsed laser therapy [12]. This may suppress the tumour further and raise the likelihood of remission or cure.

This peptide does not require laser therapy for cancer treatment. Subtherapeutic doses of this peptide had antitumor effects in rats, causing a tumour to stop developing in about 80% of cases and to retreat in more than 50% of the animals investigated [13].


According to research, the main advantages of this peptide stem from the peptide’s effect on cellular immune function. By strengthening cellular immunity, especially T-cell function, the peptide allows the body fight infection, slow cancer progression, prevent heart disease and reduce inflammation and dysfunction.

Some clinical uses of this peptide have been standard for years. In a world plagued by drug-resistant superbugs, Thymalin may improve vaccines and antibiotics’ effectiveness.


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