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Thymosin Alpha-1 Nasal Spray


The most promising benefits of Thymosin Alpha-1 are the fact that it helps to boost immunity and fight off diseases.

15ml Nasal Spray contains 5mg Thymosin Alpha-1 Peptide

25ml Nasal Spray contains 10mg Thymosin Alpha-1 Peptide

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Thymosin Alpha-1 Nasal Spray

Thymosin Alpha-1 is a regulator of immune function, which is found naturally. As a result, it’s been studied for infections (e.g. tuberculosis, cytomegalovirus), chronic hepatitis, cystic fibrosis, respiratory disorders, and even cancer. Initially discovered in 1972, Thymosin alpha-1 is a powerful immune function modulator separated from thymus gland tissue 1972.

Thymosin Alpha-1 nasal spray research suggests it can help boost immunity and fight off diseases. This peptide is very useful in treating infections. It helps prevent infection and boost the immune system to fight the infection effectively. 

Thymosin Alpha-1 can accomplish this by working with our body’s T-cells and maturation the killer variation of this cell type in our body.

Lymphocytes are a type of white blood cell in the immune system that produces T-cells. Among them are the B-cells and natural killer cells. Your body’s adaptive immune response depends on each of them. For example, when your body attacks pathogens, it stops them from multiplying and spreading throughout your body.

Killer cells and helper cells are the two most common types of cells. Viruses and foreign cells are both killed by these cells.

When one is suffering from any form of infection such as a cold, sore or sinus problem, Thymosin Alpha-1 10mg vial could help reduce the swelling and inflammation, which helps speed up the recovery process. 

Thymosin Alpha-1 Nasal Spray Research findings

According to research, Thymosin Alpha-1 nasal spray helps the body combat infections, diseases, and ailments. Animal study shows that it induces Z cells to locate and destroy germs, viruses, and tumour cells.

This peptide restores immunological function and eliminates infection in mice without thymus glands. In addition, alpha-1 thymosin promotes immune system signalling pathways to boost cytokine production [1].

Clinical studies show that thymosin alpha-1 supplements can regulate arthritis, lupus, and other inflammation. In addition, recent research reveals peptide thymosin alpha-1 can treat breast, lung, colon, and other malignancies [2].

As thymosin alpha-1 nasal spray boosts animal immune systems, it may improve the efficacy of vaccines. Due to the risk of administering live germs, many vaccinations contain dead pathogens instead. Problem: inactivated vaccinations are less effective. The thymosin alpha-1 10mg vial vaccination would improve the immune system, preventing illness and disease [3].

Thymosin alpha-1 can also treat sepsis, a life-threatening illness caused by an overactive immune system. Alpha 1 peptide can save lives, prevent organ damage, and prevent long-term consequences by modulating the immune response. Further research is needed, but it looks for potential as a sepsis therapy and preventative drug [4].

Blood pressure
New research reveals alpha-1 can decrease blood pressure by blocking ACE (angiotensin-converting enzyme). By inhibiting ACE, thymalfasin peptide lowers blood pressure, reduces cardiac remodelling, and slows plaque development in animals. In addition, research shows it improves renal function.

Animal studies show that thymosin alpha 1 has no adverse effects, unlike many ACE inhibitors [5].

Cystic fibrosis
Inflammation from cystic fibrosis (CF) promotes increased infection rates, poor mucus clearance, and other problems. It’s caused by CFTR, an ion channel protein that controls the body’s salt and water balance.

Research shows thymosin alpha-1 peptide can improve CFTR performance and reduce inflammation. As a result, scientists hope thymosin alpha-1 therapy could be the future for CF [6].

The immune system has a unique cell type that detects fungal infections. Dendritic cells are the name. Studies show that thymosin alpha-1 medications can increase the immune system’s ability to fight animal fungal infections.

In animal models of aspergillus infection, this peptide activates T-helper cells. It may improve OTC fungal treatments [7].

Dendritic cells transmit antigens to other immune cells so they can recognise them and respond appropriately. Skin, lungs, nose and GI systems have many dendritic cells. Animal study shows that thymosin alpha 1 helps these immune system’s initial responders work optimally [8].

Thymosin Alpha-1 Nasal Spray summary

Some of the beneficial effects of Thymosin Alpha-1 nasal spray include the following:

    • It helps to boost the immune system.
    • It is highly effective in the fight against infections.
    • It prevents or slows down the growth of bacteria and viruses.
    • It also helps to protect against any cancer.
    • T-cell maturation is increased.
    • The immune system as a whole is boosted.
    • Increasing NK cells (which are involved in killing viruses and infected cells) by stimulating them.
    • Manage cytokine/chemokine levels to maintain an adequate immune response.
    • Stopping viral replication directly.
    • Modulating immune-related genes.


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Thymosin Alpha-1 Nasal Spray Specifications

Molecular Formula: C129H215N33O55
Sequence: Ac-Ser-Asp-Ala-Ala-Val-Asp-Thr-Ser-Ser-Glu-Ile-Thr-Thr-Lys-Asp-Leu-Lys-Glu-Lys-Lys-Glu-Val-Val-Glu-Glu-Ala-Glu-Asn-OH
Molecular Weight: 3108.3 g/mol
Physical Appearance: White Lyophilised Solid
Form: Sterile Filtered White Lyophilised
Solubility: Water Soluble

Storage: -20˚C

Disclaimer: All products listed on this website and provided through Pharma Labs Global are intended for medical research purposes only. Pharma Lab Global does not encourage or promote the use of any of these products in a personal capacity (i.e. human consumption), nor are the products intended to be used as a drug, stimulant or for use in any food products.

Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

15ml, 25ml

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