Melanotan II (MT2) is a stimulating peptide that promotes tanned skin. Melanocyte Stimulating Hormones (MSH) are peptide hormones generated in the intermediary pituitary gland in the brain that stimulate pigmentation cell (melanocytes) in the skin and hair to manufacture and release melanin, resulting in darker skin and hair. Melanotan II enhances melanin formation by stimulating melanocytes, or skin pigment cells.


Melanin is the pigment that protects our skin from UV radiation and damage from the sun. It may be regarded as our body’s natural sunscreen. Low melanin levels make the skin susceptible to DNA damage from excessive sun exposure. This absence of melanin and its defence against UV radiation causes persons with pale skin to be more susceptible to sunburn and DNA damage. It also implies that a substantial amount of time is put on their capacity to create a tan without burning.

It is somewhat of a balancing act to obtain enough vitamin D from the sun without increasing the chance of acquiring melanoma. Studies have shown that avoiding the sun to prevent melanoma might result in vitamin D insufficiency.

How to promote the formation of melanin using tanning peptides

To achieve a safe tan, we must increase the hormone responsible for enhancing melanin formation, melanocyte stimulating hormone.

Scientists found the usage of a “tanning peptide” while researching potential skin cancer treatments. They reasoned that by activating the body’s natural pigmentary system through melanogenesis, a protective tan may be formed prior to UV exposure, hence minimising the risk of skin damage.

With minimal UV exposure, the release of a- Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone causes an increase in melanin formation from the skin’s melanocytes. Use of tan peptides enhances a-MSH, resulting in increased melanin production and enhanced tanning potential (skin pigmentation) irrespective of the user’s skin type.

Melanotan II has the ability to stimulate melanogenesis with minimal adverse effects, according to clinical research. The major function of melanogenesis is to protect the hypodermis, the layer beneath the skin, from damaging UV-B rays. It absorbs all UV-B radiation, preventing it from penetrating the skin’s surface.


During clinical testing for its use as a tanning agent, melanotan II was discovered to be an effective erection stimulant. It has also been demonstrated to boost female sexual desire in sexual arousal disorder patients.


Among the short-term adverse effects of a medication are:

On a long-term basis, it is feared that melanotan II may raise the risk of:

Use daily for 1 to 2 weeks, then once or twice per week for maintenance.

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