What exactly is Melanotan II?

Melanotan II (Melanotan II) is an injectable peptide primarily used to significantly enhance the body’s capacity to tan. The darkening of your skin’s pigment is due to exposure to UV rays. Melanin is created in response to UV exposure to protect the skin from burning and sun damage.

A tan is similar to a shield in certain ways.

The darker you are, the more formidable your shield. Consequently, extremely pale persons are the most susceptible to skin cancer and burns.

Why was Melanotan II created and what is its primary function?

Melanotan II was created with the intention of reducing the risk of skin cancer, and it does so effectively.

Your body will be stimulated to manufacture significantly more melanin after taking Melanotan II. As melanin is the primary factor in determining skin colour, the more melanin you generate, the darker your skin may become.

I am not even joking when I claim that with Melanotan II, a ghostly pale red-haired individual who would never think of attaining a hue deeper than brilliant red can become DARK.

Melanotan II has been carefully evaluated via clinical studies, which shown that it can increase melanogenesis in a safe manner (the process of melanocytes in your body producing more melanin).

As you may have predicted, fair-skinned individuals have low melanogenesis baseline levels.

As Melanotan II strongly stimulates melanogenesis in all users, more melanin can be created to shield the hypodermis (the layer beneath the skin) from UV rays that could cause damage.

As a result of this procedure, Melanotan II can successfully prevent sun damage to the skin.

It’s also a treatment for erectile dysfunction!

As if this substance wasn’t already awesome enough, it may give you hard-ons similar to when you were a teenager.

Melanotan II has been demonstrated to have significant aphrodisiac properties.

During clinical studies, Melanotan II demonstrated a dose-dependent impact on erections in anaesthetic rats.

Not only will it improve the quality, duration, and frequency of your erections, but it can also significantly minimise your refractory period and raise your sexual desire.

Melanotan II is so effective that you might not need Viagra or Cialis anymore if you were taking it.

Melanotan II Is An Excellent Fat Burner

Melanotan II has demonstrated substantial fat-burning benefits in clinical studies.

Many people believe that Melanotan II can only help you lose weight indirectly through its appetite-suppressing side effect. However, this belief has been disproven by a series of experiments conducted on mice fed the same diet, in which The only group that had a reduction in visceral and subcutaneous fat tissue was the group. administered Melanotan II.

Through increased lipid mobilisation, it also lowers the buildup of fat-free mass during a weight growth phase (bulk).

Melanotan II possesses appetite-suppressing properties, which indirectly aid fat reduction a GREAT DEAL.

When attempting to lose weight while on a calorie-restricted diet, it is very simple to succumb to your tremendous desires, cheat on your diet, and destroy your efforts.

Melanotan II makes it immeasurably simpler to adhere to a diet since it eliminates cravings.

Implications For Insulin Sensitivity

Melanotan II’s capacity to boost insulin sensitivity is a significant discovery from clinical studies that is frequently overlooked.

Melanotan II treatment boosted insulin-mediated glucose elimination, but had little effect on insulin’s potential to reduce EGP.

In a second research conducted on obese rats, the Melanotan II group demonstrated considerably increased insulin sensitivity.

Why should you be concerned with insulin sensitivity?

In essence, the greater your insulin sensitivity, the more favourable your body composition might become.

When gaining weight, for instance, if you have a high insulin sensitivity, you are considerably more likely to gain desirable lean weight than undesirable fat fluff.

If you’ve been consuming high glycemic carbohydrates for weeks and gaining fat like a pig, it’s probable that your insulin sensitivity has plummeted. In order to continue making physical improvement and gaining muscle, you will need to cut your carb consumption, get leaner, and regain insulin sensitivity.

In the field of bodybuilding, the more your insulin sensitivity, the better, therefore this is another another fantastic benefit of Melanotan II.

In my articles that elaborate on how to bulk without gaining fat, I dig into insulin sensitivity and maintaining lean in greater depth.

Melanotan II Adverse Reactions

While there aren’t many typical side effects, there are a handful.

Among them include nausea, facial flushing, fatigue, reduced appetite, and sudden erections (in males only obviously).

The transient flushing of the face often appears within 10 minutes after receiving Melanotan II.

In my experience, it normally lasts little longer than an hour.

As soon as the body adapts to the peptide, the symptom immediately disappears.

Antihistamines can also be taken one hour before to using Melanotan II to counteract nausea.

Ginger root is a natural antihistamine that effectively prevents Melanotan II-induced nausea.

Usually, nausea is induced by taking a dose that exceeds what your body can handle, and any unpleasant side effects should subside within a short time frame.

During lengthier clinical trials, less frequent adverse effects include darkening of the lips, an increase in the frequency of freckles, deepening of freckles, and a rise in female libido.

Choose a smaller dose if you want to reduce adverse effects. Typically, people who have problems or negative side effects are administering excessive doses.

My Knowledge of Melanotan II

Okay, let’s get this out of the way first: I have incredibly pale skin and cannot tan naturally.

I have never gotten even a little tan from sun exposure, and all that occurs when I spend too much time in the sun is that my skin turns red.

I began investigating Melanotan II “on my rat subjects” and literally within a week, I saw the darkest skin tone I had ever witnessed (aside from competition spray tans).

Within three weeks of moderate sun exposure and Melanotan II medication, “my rats” seemed to be one hundred times darker than they could have naturally gotten.

My studies revealed a dose-dependent increase in outcomes.

However, my test subjects also experienced negative effects at greater dosages.

Therefore, I believe the best dosage range for future clinical trials would be between 250 and 500 micrograms per day.

The Most Effective Tanning Lotion To Use With Melanotan II

This tip from Chris on GoodLookingLoser.com is outstanding.

In the past, I have tried bronzer-containing tanning creams and lotions, and they all transferred onto my clothing or left stains anytime I perspired.

To say the least, it’s frustrating as hell to have to wear black every time you leave the home so you don’t stain your clothing, and this tanning lotion does not disappoint.

I have used it during my whole research time, and it has DEFINITELY helped me get a deeper degree of blackness (you seem darker with only one application), and it does not rub off or stain clothes.

The Best Protocol for Melanotan II

Unfortuitously, a “loading phase regimen” devised by bodybuilders over a decade ago is still the standard for suggested dose on the Internet.

I am telling you right now that the loading period is complete and utter nonsense and is completely unneeded; it will just increase your risk of negative effects, such as developing freckles (if you are prone).

I will describe the ideal “hypothetical” Melanotan II procedure that will still darken your skin, save you money, and lower your risk of developing freckles or new moles.

I learnt about it from a highly bright web researcher, and I adhere to it whenever I take Melanotan II.

Assess responsiveness to a very low dose (50-75 mcg) before increasing the dosage.

If you start with 500 mcg injections when your body has never been exposed to Melanotan II, you are more likely to encounter adverse effects like as nausea and an increase in freckles if you are susceptible.

It took me weeks to attain a dosage of 250 mcg before to tanning. This is because I adopted a very cautious approach, tapered very gently, and also reduced my UV exposure very gradually.

I ultimately increased my pre-tanning dosage to 500 mcg (this took a couple months).

The outcome was a very dark tan with no new freckles, moles, or apparent worsening of existing freckles and moles.

I can now maintain a very dark and healthy-looking tan with just one 250 mcg injection each week and minimal UV exposure.

The optimal strategy, in my opinion, would be to begin with a very low dose, and then every three sessions (Melanotan II administration with post-delivery tanning), raise the dosage by 25 mcg and the tanning time by 1 min (assuming tanning done in a tanning bed).

Administration and tanning would be carried out every other or third day (or less frequently depending on personal needs).

Administration should NEVER be performed on days when tanning is not planned.

A tan should always follow the administration of Melanotan II within an hour.

For those prone to freckling, moles, or who are at risk for burning or skin cancer, begin with a low dose of Melanotan and short tanning sessions (as short as one or two minutes if necessary). Tanning over extended lengths of time will become safer as the level of melanin in your skin rises, with a decreased risk of freckling or burning.

Advantages of pre-tan Melanotan II application:

Why This Protocol Is Preferred:

Melanotan II merely boosts melanin synthesis, however there are two processes by which the skin tans. The second mechanism is the oxidation of melanin caused by exposure to UVA rays; this is the mechanism responsible for the golden beach look.

The increase in melanin caused by melanogenesis correlates more with skin tone and pigmentation in general.

If you expose yourself to the sun after a loading phase (standard procedure accessible online), the accumulated melanin will oxidise in the exposed areas, resulting in a dramatic and uneven tanning effect.

I like to emphasise the significance of UV exposure when giving Melanotan.

If you only administer at night, the body increases melanin production in areas with greater natural melanocyte activity, such as the genitals, freckles, moles, etc., leading to many of the side effects associated with MT. However, if used in conjunction with UV, the body has mechanisms to increase melanin production and melanocyte activity in areas that require the production to protect against UV photodamage, such as the skin.

Melanotan II Reconstitution (Mixing) And Storage

Melanotan II is packaged as a lyophilized powder puck in a vial.

Anyone attempting to sell you something other than Melanotan II (such as nasal sprays) is committing fraud.

Melanotan II vials typically contain 10 mg (10,000 mcg).

To reconstitute (mix) them, Bacteriostatic Water is required.

Bacteriostatic Water is simply sterile water with 0.9% benzyl alcohol.

It is used to dilute or dissolve drugs that need injectable administration.

The container may be reused numerous times (often with a sterile needle), and the benzyl alcohol inhibits or eliminates the growth of the vast majority of potentially contaminating microorganisms.

I prefer to combine 2ml of Bacteriostatic Water with each vial.

The correct method of mixing it without harming the lyophilized Melanotan II is to slowly inject the Bacteroistatic water into the vial and allow it to flow down the edge of the vial.

It may harm the peptide and destroy the Melanotan II if it is squirted with full force into the powder.

After all of the water has been added to the vial, gently spin the solution until it is entirely clear.

It is now ready to be kept in the refrigerator when not in use.

To Summarize

Melanotan II is a remarkable peptide with several highly beneficial applications.

Despite my initial nervousness (great fear) prior to using it, I am thrilled to report that I did not experience one of those Melanotan II horror stories where the person exploded with moles, and I attribute that to my calm and steady approach and the study I conducted beforehand.

I have obstructive sleep apnea, so I attach this mask to a CPAP machine before I go to bed so I can breathe normally.

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