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Pre-Mixed Peptides Explained

The pre-mixed pens is one peptide vial, pre-mixed with bacteriostatic water, in a glass cartridge. These cartridges work with an HGH Pen.

Please see below the list packages we offer for our pre-mixed pen.

Pre-Mixed Cartridge With Kit

The kit contains, one pre-mixed peptide cartridge, alongside one HGH pen, fix needle tips needed to use the pen. And a deluxe case for pen, cartridge and needle tips to fit in.

Pre-Mixed Cartridges

If you already own an HGH Pen and only require a pre-mixed cartridge, alongside some more needle tips.

We have three options,

  • One pre-mixed cartridge with five pen tips
  • Two pre-mixed cartridges with five pen tips
  • Three pre-mixed cartridges with five pen tips

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