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AOD9604 2mg Pre Mixed Peptide


AOD provides effects against fat accumulation and thus also against weight loss, according to research studies.

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AOD-9604 2mg Pre-Mixed Peptide Description

AOD9604 2mg pre mixed peptide is a synthetic peptide derived from a short modified amino acid chain of human growth hormone (hGH). It dramatically increases lipolysis (the breakdown or elimination of fat) and suppresses lipogenesis (transforming food into body fat).

AOD-9604 is a polypeptide made up of 27 amino acids and is the most significant protein in the body. Research shows that when AOD-9604 2mg pre-mixed is used with other peptides, like KIAA-PS, it can help keep fat from accumulating and therefore help people lose weight. The fat-burning polypeptide causes a chemical reaction in the fat cell, which causes it to break down. This causes the fat to be burned off. Therefore, this peptide must be used with another peptide that stops fat from being burned to control the weight-loss cycle.

AOD-9604 Research Findings

AOD 9604 is a truncated version of fragment 176 191, a derivative of HGH (human growth hormone). Due to its lipolytic (fat burning) properties, AOD9604 was initially developed as an anti-obesity medication [1]. As a result, this peptide is highly prized since its effects are limited to fat burning. Furthermore, research has shown AOD-9604 not to affect IGF-1 or insulin levels, indicating that it is not a risk factor for developing glucose intolerance or diabetes [2] [3]. Additionally, because AOD9604 is structurally similar to HGH, the immune system will not create antibodies against the protein [4].

Though reducing the fat burden and weight directly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, there is the suggestion that AOD 9604 offers additional heart-health benefits. Separate from its impact on obesity, the peptide may directly impact metabolism, reducing problems [5]. Medications such as pioglitazone and acipimox minimize metabolic problems without treating obesity. The secondary mechanism that AOD 9604 causes fat loss, regardless of beta-3 adrenergic receptor activation, could improve metabolic metrics while promoting fat loss.

In rat studies, AOD9604 injections directly into arthritic joints reduced pain, reduced disability, and improved quality of life. AOD9604 pre mixed peptide appears to be beneficial in treating the fundamental cause of osteoarthritis and may serve as both a therapy and a preventative [6]. While AOD9604 is effective alone, it works better in combination with other medications. Using the peptide in more studies may reveal new paths for enhancing cartilage formation, a notoriously problematic clinical condition.

AOD9604 Peptide Summary

AOD-9604 2mg pre-mixed peptide is a peptide that is responsible for hGH’s fat-burning properties. It promotes lipolysis and inhibits lipogenesis. AOD-9604 can imitate the human growth hormone’s role in fat burning without adverse effects on blood sugar, insulin, or cell proliferation. In addition, current studies are looking at how the peptide may help repair cartilage, muscles, bones, and joints and conditions like osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and hypercholesterolemia. To conclude, AOD-9604 2mg pre-mixed peptide has a low risk of adverse effects.

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AOD9604 Specifications

Molecular Formula: C78H123N23O23S2
Sequence: H-Tyr-Leu-Arg-Ile-Val-Gln-Cys(1)-Arg-Ser-Val-Glu-Gly-Ser-Cys(1)-Gly-Phe-OH
Physical Appearance: White Lyophilised Solid
Form: Sterile Filtered White Lyophilized
Solubility: Water Soluble


Peptides should be refrigerated at 4˚C or below for a period of up to 3 months. To prolong the life span of the peptides they may be placed in a freezer for up to 12 months. Once reconstituted peptides should be refrigerated/stored at 4˚C for up to 30 days.

Disclaimer: All products listed on this website and provided through Pharma Labs Global are intended for medical research purposes only. Pharma Lab Global does not encourage or promote the use of any of these products in a personal capacity (i.e. human consumption), nor are the products intended to be used as a drug, stimulant or for use in any food products.

Additional information


1 single mixed cartridge, 2 mixed cartridges, 3 mixed cartridges, pen with 1 pre mixed cartridge

Pen instructions

All of our injection pens will release 0.5ml water every 60 dials.

We mix this product with 2ml water therefore to calculate what 1 dial on the pen will release you will need to divide the full amount of product (e.g. if the product has 5mg divide 5000mcgs) by the full amount of dials on the pen (240)

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