Ace-031, often referred to as ACVR2B, is a soluble version of the activin type IIB receptor. This receptor is an inhibitor of myostatin as well as other naturally occurring proteins that restrict the development of muscle. This substance was genetically engineered to bind to myostatin in order to prevent it from attaching to its receptor and inhibiting further muscle development. Acceleron and Shire are the names of the two biopharmaceutical firms that worked on this chemical.

bottle numbered ace-031

Figure 1: Bottle labelled Ace-031

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1 What does “myostatin” stand for?
2 Adverse Reactions
3 Human studies
4 Fat Loss
5 FSH effects
6 Dosages
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What exactly is myostatin, and why is it that bodybuilders aim to reduce their levels of it?

Myostatin is a hormone that is produced in our bodies that sends the message to our muscles to cease reproducing and developing. Therefore, if you inhibit or prevent the activity of myostatin, your muscles will be able to expand and you will experience an increase in strength. Imagine if you had the ability to inhibit myostatin and keep on growing muscle for an unlimited amount of time; you would be able to transform into a super hero.

Aspects not to like, as well as potential adverse consequences

Even a minor drop in myostatin would lead to a significant increase in muscle growth, but it would also imply that you would require more food to nourish those muscles in addition to the dramatic rise in muscle mass that would ensue. Because it is a muscle, our heart would also continue to expand, which, over the course of time, might result in heart failure because of the strain that is placed on the organ as a result of its increased activity. In addition, in the long run, having a heart that is sick would most certainly hinder your gains. In addition, you might claim that your stomach would also expand as a result of this because you are unable to regulate which muscles are impacted and which are not. Consider the possibility that some of your muscles will expand more than others. For instance, you may see a 50 percent rise in the size of your glutes while only seeing a 20 percent increase in the size of your deltoids.

Human studies

One human investigation involved the administration of a single dosage of 250 milligrammes (mg) of Ace 031 to overweight female participants. As a direct consequence of this, after one month their thigh muscles had grown by more than one pound. In addition to this, their lean body mass grew by 3 percent, which is a very satisfactory outcome.

On the other hand, participants in a different research on young boys with muscular dystrophy experienced bleeding from their gums and noses at the end of the experiment. Regrettably, both Shire and Acceleron finally severed their ties with one another, and since 2013, there has been no more research or development carried out. Since that time, Ace-031 has been made available for purchase as a research chemical on a variety of websites; however, a reputable brand has not yet begun marketing the product.

Other myostatins currently being manufactured

Wyeth’s MYO-029 was supposed to be another myostatin blocker, however the results of their experiment were a dismal failure; the participants gained no strength as a consequence of taking the drug.

ace-083 and ace-031 respectively
Fig 2. Ace-083 – Ace-031 Observations made on a chicken

Loss of fat and improved bone health?

In the several trials that were carried out, the participants’ levels of the hormone leptin decreased, but their levels of the hormone adiponectin, also known as the “good fat” hormone, increased. As a result, it is conceivable that Ace-031 does, in fact, help in the process of fat reduction. Another research found that there was an increase in alkaline phosphatase in the blood, but that the levels of collagen telopeptide reduced; this may imply that it also helps strengthen the bones.

The effects of FSH

A research with females found that the concentration of FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) reduced dramatically, and there is no explanation as to why this occurred. As a result, it seems that there are some adverse consequences, but we are unsure whether or not males would experience the same things. On the other hand, we are aware that cattle producers refuse to use Ace-031 to “beef up” their breed due to worries about infertility. This is the case with cattle. Therefore, it’s possible that the relationship has something to do with the fact that mother nature won’t let an extremely muscular being have children.

The Dosage and the Price

10 milligrammes per kilogramme of body weight was the dose that was administered intravenously to the rats that participated in the Ace-031 experiments. Therefore, a bodybuilder of a regular size who wanted to replicate those types of numbers would need to utilise around 1 gramme of the substance per month, all other things being equal. This indicates that if you were to use a gramme, it would cost you tens of thousands of dollars to get into that amount each month. If you were to use a milligramme, the cost would be far lower.

The doses tend to vary from 1-3 milligrammes per kilogramme of body weight once every 1–2 weeks, according to bodybuilders who have been able to get their hands on Ace-031. At $50 per milligramme, the total expense for an individual weighing 200 pounds would be almost $10,000. In addition, the world of peptide firms is rife with shady business practises; so, if you are going to spend that amount of money, you had better double check that the item you are buying is a genuine one.

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