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P-21 Peptide Vial

P-21 peptide, distinguished by its role as a potent neuropeptide, has captured the interest of the scientific community for its promising applications in cognitive enhancement and neuroprotection. Originating from complex protein structures, P-21 peptide is intricately involved in the regulation of various brain functions, positioning it at the forefront of neuroscience research.


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P-21 Peptide

The P-21 peptide, also known as p21, is a multifaceted molecule with implications in various biological processes. Research has indicated its involvement in neurogenesis, memory enhancement, and neurocognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

Studies have highlighted the potential of P-21 in promoting neurogenesis and synaptic plasticity, offering promise for cognitive function improvement. Furthermore, it has been associated with modulation of cyclin-dependent kinase activity, suggesting a role in cell cycle regulation and tumour suppression [1]. The peptide’s neurotrophic properties, including its impact on learning and memory, make it a subject of interest in the realm of neurodegenerative conditions and cognitive impairment.

Additionally, investigations into peptides derived from RAS-p21 and p53 proteins have illuminated potential conformational alterations in response to oncogenic amino acid substitutions, hinting at the peptide’s relevance in cancer research and therapeutic development. The versatile nature of P-21 stretches across domains such as neurobiology, oncology, and cognitive science, making it a compelling area for further exploration and potential therapeutic applications.


Molecular Formula: C30H54N605

Sequence: DGGL-adamantane-G

Molecular Weight: 578.3 g/mol

Physical Appearance: White Lyophilised Solid

Form: Sterile Filtered White Lyophilized

Solubility: Water Soluble

Storage: Peptides should be refrigerated at 4˚C or below for a period of up to 3 months. To prolong the life span of the peptides they may be placed in a freezer for up to 12 months. Once reconstituted peptides should be refrigerated/stored at 4˚C for up to 30 days.

Size: 2mg | 5mg



P-21 peptide has demonstrated a compelling effect on neurogenesis, the process of generating new neurons in the brain. Research suggests that P-21 may promote neurogenesis, which could lead to enhanced cognitive function, memory formation, and overall brain health.

By stimulating the creation of new neurons, P-21 holds potential in addressing neurodegenerative conditions and cognitive impairment [2]. Its impact on neurogenesis offers promise for therapeutic applications aimed at bolstering brain function and combating neurological disorders, making it a captivating area of study in the field of neuroscience and cognitive enhancement.

Cognitive Function

P-21 peptide exhibits potential in memory enhancement by influencing neuroplasticity and synaptic strength. Research suggests that P-21 may promote the formation of new synapses and improve synaptic plasticity, contributing to enhanced memory function. By modulating neurotrophic pathways, P-21 holds promise for bolstering learning capacity and memory retention.

Its neurogenic properties and impact on neuronal connectivity make it an intriguing candidate for addressing memory-related conditions and cognitive decline [3]. The peptide’s ability to potentially enhance memory represents a compelling avenue for further exploration in the realm of cognitive science and neurological therapeutics.

Alzheimer’s Disease

P-21 is linked to Alzheimer’s disease through its association with chromosome 21, as evidenced by research on Down syndrome individuals who have an extra copy of this chromosome. The gene coding for amyloid precursor protein, a key player in Alzheimer’s pathology, resides on chromosome 21, potentially implicating P-21 in Alzheimer’s disease development.

Furthermore, studies have explored the induction of P21-activated kinase in Alzheimer’s disease models, shedding light on the peptide’s involvement in the neurobiological mechanisms underlying the condition. This interconnectedness underscores the relevance of investigating P-21 in the context of Alzheimer’s disease and its potential implications for therapeutic interventions [3].


In summary, P-21 peptide is known for its role in cellular regulation and neurobiological processes, and has garnered significant attention for its potential impact on neurogenesis, memory enhancement, and neurocognitive disorders like Alzheimer’s disease. Studies indicate its involvement in promoting neurogenesis, synaptic plasticity, and memory improvement, suggesting promising implications for cognitive function.

Additionally, its association with cellular abnormalities in conditions such as traumatic brain injury and Alzheimer’s disease underscores the relevance of exploring P-21’s therapeutic potential. This multifaceted peptide’s capacity to influence crucial neurobiological pathways makes it a compelling subject for further research in the realms of neuroscience, cognitive enhancement, and neurodegenerative conditions.


[1] https://www.sciencedirect.com/ topics/medicine-and-dentistry/p21

[2] https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih. gov/23966332/

[3] https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih. gov/16415866/

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