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TB500 Peptide Vial

TB500 peptide is a popular research peptide which has been shown to assists with injury repair, muscle building, cognitive protection and the maintenance of the immune system.

Size: 2mg | 5mg | 10mg


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TB500 Peptide Vial

The TB500 peptide vial for research purposes offers a multitude of benefits for scientists and researchers conducting studies in various fields. Firstly, peptide vials supplied by PharmaLabGlobal provide researchers with a controlled and sterile environment to store peptides, ensuring their stability and integrity over time. This preservation of peptide quality is crucial for maintaining the consistency and reliability of research outcomes.

Moreover, peptide vials allow for precise measurement and dosage control, enabling researchers to accurately administer peptides in their experiments and studies. This precision in dosing is essential for achieving reproducible results and conducting reliable investigations into the effects of peptides on biological systems.

Additionally, peptide vials offer flexibility in experimentation, allowing researchers to easily customize peptide concentrations and formulations for different research objectives. This adaptability enables scientists to tailor their studies to specific research questions or applications, optimizing the efficiency and relevance of their findings.

Overall, the benefits of using a peptide vial for research include enhanced storage capabilities, precise dosing control, and experimental flexibility, all of which contribute to the quality, accuracy, and efficacy of research endeavours involving peptides.

Peptide Reconstitution & Storage

The TB500 Peptide Vial contains a white lyophilised solid peptide which is water soluble. Bacteriostatic or Sterile water should be used to reconstitute the TB500 peptide vial. Discover the full range of research supplies for peptide reconstitution.

Peptides should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat to maintain their stability and integrity. It is recommended to store peptides in a refrigerator at temperatures between 2°C to 8°C to prevent degradation. Additionally, peptides should be kept in tightly sealed containers or vials to protect them from moisture and air exposure, which can compromise their quality. Proper storage conditions are essential to prolong the shelf life of peptides and ensure their efficacy for research or therapeutic purposes.

Potential Benefits of TB500 Peptide Vial

TB500 peptide, also known as Thymosin Beta-4, offers a range of benefits due to its potent regenerative and healing properties. It promotes cell regeneration, tissue repair, and wound healing processes, making it valuable in sports medicine, injury recovery, and tissue damage repair.

The TB500 peptide vial also demonstrates anti-inflammatory effects by modulating cytokine levels and reducing inflammation, which can aid in mitigating tissue damage and supporting overall tissue health. These benefits combined make TB500 a versatile and sought-after peptide for addressing a variety of conditions related to tissue repair, regeneration, inflammation, and overall wellness.

Buy TB500 Peptide Vial

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