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Research has shown ACE-031 peptide is a myostatin prevention protein that is generated to mimic an all-natural receptor involved in controlling muscular tissue mass, strength and also function.

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Ace-031 Peptidel Vial 1mg

Ace-031 Myostatin is an anti-catabolic hormone that serves as an important factor in the development of the skeletal muscle, particularly those that are used for muscle growth and repair. The hormone is primarily produced by the pituitary gland and it causes muscle tissue to become inactive and much less dense. It is more efficient when the hormone is present in low levels and low quantities.

This is why those who have undergone surgical procedures that alter the secretion of their pituitary gland, including liposuction, have a large decrease in their production of the hormone. This reduces the amount of myostatin present in the body as well as the corresponding decrease in its ability to perform its natural functions.

Thus, Ace-031 myostatin was found to be one of the factors that resulted in the disorder of the skeletal muscle growth. After the discovery of this hormone, it was found that people who have undergone various surgical procedures on their pituitary glands, including liposuction, also have decreased levels of myostatin in their bodies.

The serum levels of the hormone decrease in such people, and it has been shown that they are not able to acquire the same amount of muscle mass when compared to normal individuals. The majority of these patients with decreased levels of myostatin become less muscular than the subjects who do not undergo any surgery.

Other factors that affect the production of myostatin in the body include insufficient amounts of protein, which is often found in the body after performing an exercise routine. This is commonly referred to as “muscle wasting syndrome”. A study has shown that taking a protein supplement to the amino acid L-Glutamine help improve the metabolism rate and the production of myostatin.

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